CAS Student Advisement and Services

University at Buffalo
275 Park Hall
Buffalo NY, 14260
Phone: (716) 645-6883
Fax: (716) 645-2893
E-mail: cas-advisor@buffalo.edu

Useful links:

Academic Withdrawal AW Form - pdf
Address Change Changing your address
Admission Declination Not enrolling at UB information
Articulation Request - pdf Taurus
Articulation Request - Word Transfer Credit Information
Audit Request Special Grading Policies
Career Services Referral Career Services
CEC Exception Petition Repeat Policy
Combined Degree Withdrawal Guidelines
Comprehensive Fee Waiver Info & Requirements
Cross-registration SUNY Cross-registration WNY Consortium
Cross-registration Advisor Review Cross-registration Information
Degree Application (no HUB Access) Applying for Degree
Double Degree Application Applying for Degree
Exam Credit Declination Alternative/Exam Credit
Exam Credit Request Alternative/Exam Credit
Exception Registration  
FERPA Info Release FERPA Guidelines
GPA Calculator Course Planning Worksheet
Graduation Information Change After student has applied in HUB
Graduation Requirement Exception Request For 2002-2016 GenEds
Incomplete Default Grade Explanation of Grades
ISSS - Extension of Stay Guidelines
ISSS - CPT format Guidelines
ISSS - OPT format CPT-OPT Comparison
Joint Major Application Degree options
Language Substitution Completion Approved Courses
Language Proficiency Verification (GenEd) Demontrating Language Proficiency (GenEd)
Language Placement Information
Leave of Absence Not Returning Guidelines
Name Change Policies
Pathways Worksheet for transfer courses Pathways Info
Re-Entry Application  
Registration in a Course Outside the Primary Career  
Repeat Policy Ammendment List of Repeatable Courses
S/U Request S/U Grade Recovery
Second Chance Request Second Chance policy
Special Major Application Special Majors information
TAP Waiver Application TAP Information
Transcript Request Transcript Information
UBC Articulation Change For unusual GETA situations (descriptions in form)
UBC/Gen Ed Petition To request retention of old requirements or an individual exception course
UBC for Pre-2002 For re-entering students transitioning from pre-2002 requirements to UBC
UB Seminar Repeat in Fall or Spring UBC - GenEd Comparison
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