to the “Will UB Successful” site. We have compiled this information to help students in dire academic situations. If you were directed to this site, you have been identified as a student in need of academic help and will need to meet with your academic advisor before you can enroll in a future semester. These pages give you the tools you will need to begin to understand the severity of your situation as well as giving you steps to remediate your poor academic performance.

Step 1: Calculate your QPA Deficit

Go to the section "View My Grades" in the HUB Student Center and find the number of ‘Total Grade Points’ you have earned and the number of ‘Units Taken Toward GPA’, from the ‘Cumulative Totals' column.  Enter those values in the respective boxes and press "Calculate" to find out what your deficit is.

Units taken towards GPA:
Total Grade Points:

Your Academic QPA Deficit and what it means: You must have a 2.0 GPA in all UB grades in order to be in good academic standing and to graduate. If your UB GPA is below 2.0 you have a deficit, which is the number of quality points you lack to have a 2.0 GPA, and thus must ‘make up’ to return to good academic standing. One way to think of the deficit is the number of hours of ‘B’ you need to earn to reach a 2.0 GPA. Since dismissal is based on deficits (20 or more points), it is important that you understand what your GPA deficit means.


Less than 10 Points:
You can return to good academic standing with a good semester. You may choose to repeat a course or two, but primarily you need to earn grades of ‘B’ or better.

10 - 20 Points:
You will probably need a couple of good semesters to return to good academic standing. Repeating selected courses may be a good strategy. If you have another poor semester you will be at risk of dismissal.

20 - 30 Points:
Your situation is critical, as you are at risk of dismissal. If your low grades are concentrated in your major area, you should consider a change of major. Repeating courses will probably be part of your strategy to improve. Returning to good academic standing will likely take multiple semesters, and/or a significant change in earned grades.

30 + Points:
You are in a large GPA ‘hole’ and it will not be easy to climb out. You are certainly at risk of dismissal, and should discuss with your advisor options to be away from UB for a period of time if you are dismissed after the semester. You almost certainly will need to repeat courses in order to return to good academic standing in any reasonable time period. Do not assume you can turn this around in only a semester or two.


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