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Enrolling in Summer Classes At UB

Are you interested in taking classes at UB this summer? We want to help you! Please contact our office by email, phone, or in person and let our academic advisors guide your course selections or direct you to another advising office at UB as may be appropriate. Our contact information is listed below.

If you are a UB student who enrolled in spring 2017 classes, you may enroll in summer classes as you would normally enroll in fall or spring classes, using the enrollment system in HUB.

If you are still in high school you will need to apply through UB's Advanced College Credit Program.

If you have graduated from high school, or if you are a student at another college or university, you will need to fill out a Summer Sessions Data Form before you can enroll.
Students from other SUNY schools should know that UB does not include GETAs (Gen Ed Transcript Addenda) for summer-only students when we send transcripts.

If you are newly accepted to UB for the fall 2017 term - either as a new freshman or a transfer - you also need to fill out a Summer Sessions Data Form before enrolling in summer courses.

International students not admitted to UB need to complete a special application before enrolling at UB for summer classes.

Persons over 60 years of age wishing to audit a class should fill out the audit request form found on the Registrar's website.

Please let us help you with your enrollment questions. Contact our office soon to set up a time to chat with an academic advisor.

There are many other interesting activites at UB this summer. Check them out!

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Last Updated: March 3, 2017