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Do I really need to use MyUB, the HUB, UBLearns, and UBMail?
YES! The majority of all communications from UB are within these 4 tools.  MyUB is the portal with which students can access information related to all things UB! Log on to find information regarding your schedule, finances, activities, important campus announcements, news headlines, etc. MyUB offers links to help students reach the information they're looking for. On the top toolbar you will see links to UBMail, UBLearns, and the HUB Student Center (via MyUB). The HUB Student Center offers personalized information regarding each student's account, finances (including financial aid, billing, and payment services), and class schedule. In addition, students register for classes through the HUB Student Center.  UBLearns is equipped with your daily class notes, syllabi, announcements, grades, and more.  Although you may already have another email address, it is extremely important to use your UB email as well. Note that many professors/staff automatically send out information to UB email, and some may even refuse to recognize a non-UB email address.
More Information About the HUB Student Center

Where can I print my class notes and assignments?
Students are allotted a print quota, renewed each semester, for use at any public computing site on campus.  Each student is granted a quota equivalent to 650 single-sided pages each semester.  To use your quota, print from any UB cybrary and enter your UBIT name and password when prompted.  You will immediately see a change in your balance.  See to locate all of the iPrint sites on campus.

Where can I go for homework help?
- Start by visiting your Professor or TA during office hours! They know best about your specific section and course material. - Any undergraduate student can receive help at The Math Place, in 211 Baldy Hall, and The Center for Excellence in Writing, in 209 Baldy Hall. Students can walk-in anytime during open hours for free assistance.
- There are also general tutoring services available on campus and online.

Can I take an online course?
You can search for online classes by looking through the course listings on MyUB. Online courses are listed as “WEB” or “DISLNG”.

Since I transferred, how can I make sure I will graduate on time?
Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you completed at your previous institution and how these have articulated to UB.  You will discuss your general education requirements and major requirements for degree.

I want to take a course at another school. How will I know if UB will accept my transfer credit?
Visit to research how courses at other institutions will transfer to UB.  There you can plug in what course you are required at UB and you will receive what course(s) (if any) at another institution will satisfy that requirement. See your advisor for assistance.  Some majors limit transfer options so always check first!

I want to study abroad. How can I start to plan for that?
Go to the Study Abroad Office in 210 Talbert Hall! The office can provide you with a wealth of information on UB study abroad programs as well as programs through other schools.

Where do I go for my financial aid issues?
The Student Response Center (SRC), located in 232 Capen Hall, is responsible for all student records and financial services.  If you are interested in meeting one on one with a financial aid advisor, they are available in 115A Porter Quad and 104 Harriman Hall (see for semester operating hours). Additionally, as of Spring 2012, every student has been assigned an individual financial aid advisor. Contact information for your advisor is available on the HUB. While the SRC is convenient for walk-in questions, your financial aid advisor is available to answer specific questions either by e-mail or by making an appointment. Visit the Meet Your Financial Aid Advisor page for more information.


Who can help me with my resume or graduate school applications?
The Career Services Office, located in 259 Capen Hall, can provide you with a great deal of information pertaining to career and/or graduate school options after completion of your undergraduate degree.

How can I get an on or off-campus job?
-Begin by visiting the Career Services Office in 259 Capen Hall. Students can meet with a career advisor to discuss jobs to fit their interests.
-Use UB’s job and internship locator, Bulls Eye, to view job listings within the area and also national openings.  Log in at the Career Services website,

How can I get an internship?
-There are many opportunities to complete an internship for credit or pay.  First, contact your academic advisor or major department directly to inquire about what type of internships they offer. For example, if you are an English major interested in education, head over to the Graduate School of Education office, English department office, or Linguistics department office to review teaching opportunities.
-See for a listing of a variety of credit-bearing internships, research opportunities, practicum, and independent study on and off campus.


Should I join a club?
The Undergraduate Student Association (better known as “SA”) is comprised of over 180 clubs. Ranging from academic clubs to dance teams to community service and cultural groups, there is something for everyone in SA. The clubs are split into 6 separate councils: Academic Clubs, Engineering Clubs, International Clubs, People of Color Clubs (POC), Special Interest and Service Clubs (SISH), and Sports Clubs. Visit to find out all that is offered to you!

I don’t want to commit to a varsity sport. What kind of recreation and intramural services are there?
Intramural teams are formed each semester for a fee. Group fitness classes are also offered on a semester basis. For more information, see You can also check out the recreation courses offered for course credit each semester (see “REC” in the undergraduate catalog).

Does UB offer and free health and wellness classes?
Each year UB offers a very wide selection of workshops for students through the Office of Student Affairs called Life and Learning Workshops. Most are free and are offered at a variety of convenient times and locations. See to view the full schedule and register for future events, and see for a variety of services provided by the Wellness Education Office.


I don’t have a car. How do I get between campuses or around town?
- The UB Stampede is the inter-campus bus system, transporting students between North and South campus daily free of charge. View the schedule here:
- Campus Shuttles transport UB students around campus. The Red, Green, Yellow, Ellicott Express lines provide students with transportation around North campus. The Blue line provides students with a ride to the UB Downtown campus, and the Mall & Market Shuttle transports students to the Boulevard Mall, Tops, and Wegmans. All rides are free.
- UB also offers a Zipcar service! You may not have a car but you can still run errands! If you are 18 and over you can rent a car by the hour or the day, and pick it up right from UB's North campus:

What is the Distinguished Speaker Series?
Each year, UB invites several renowned and highly regarded public figures to the University for speeches that are free for all students. Past guests include The Dalai Lama, Donald Trump, Maya Angelou, Stephen Colbert, Al Gore, and Katie Couric. Visit to stay informed about upcoming speakers, and even fill out a nomination form for future guests.

Last Updated: February 27, 2017